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Updated Policies


Firstly, we thank GOD for growth and expansion! As we grow, it is inevitable that growing pains present themselves, even if it is uncomfortable. While when we began, we were able to honor a lot of personalized requests, at this point in our growth (although we don't allow the above requests) we felt the need to address it because of the mounting requests.

We do realize that certain sizes sell out quickly, but we are unable to fulfill requests to hold. We get inboxes, direct messages, emails, and texts from so many clients DAILY about holds, preorders and exchanges; especially on release days. Imagine at least 50 people asking if something can be held in their size, held for exchange or preordered. That is unfair for those clients who are trying to order in general.

Therefore, we want to clarify the following and address a couple of CHANGES:

1. No item can be held. All items will be available for purchase at the time of post. This includes restocks.

2. No item can be preordered ("can I preorder to guarantee I get one"). The extent of preorders is the items that we restock and post upon shipping notification from our vendors. That means the item is posted for purchase but will take about a week to come in to be shipped to you.

3. CHANGE: No item can be held for exchange. If you have a pending exchange, we are unable to hold a new release for you until your return comes in. Again, this becomes unfair for those trying to fairy get items. Once your return is received and processed, your store credit will be issued and can be used towards any posted and available item on the site. The reason for this change is that this causes discrepancies in inventory because of the large amount of clients we service and the large amounts of inventory we receive.

4. CHANGE: No amendments to orders. Because of the set up of our e-commerce web host, we are actually not able to go in and change an order (i.e., I accidentally ordered a small, but I needed a medium). In the past, we have gone in and manually left a note for ourselves to send the correct size. But again, for the massive amount of orders we get, it has become difficult to handle manual changes.

Additionally, although not stated in the above message, we are also unable to handle reminder requests (i.e., can you let me know when you restock XYZ?). Again, with the massive amount of clients we service, it is impossible to inform hundreds of customers of restocks other than general posts to social media.

This information will be posted to the site. If a request is received for any of the above, we will politely direct you to this policy on the site.

Thank you so much for understanding all of this! We greatly appreciate your business and your continued support!